Artlantis Studio 3.0.3 ML + (Tutorials & Plugins) | 282 MB

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Artlantis Studio 3.0.3 ML + (Tutorials & Plugins) | 282 MB

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Artlantis Studio 3.0.3 ML + (Tutorials & Plugins) | 282 MB

Artlantis Studio - a set of tools for creating photo-quality images based on 3D-models of various simulation software: ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, etc. The program provides a convenient and intuitive tools for changing textures, editing its properties, working with color and light sources. As a result, the user can build high-quality photos, videos and presentation materials as quickly as possible.

The program allows you to create realistic images, assign and modify the optical properties of finishing materials, set term, and sources of natural and artificial light to create scenes of virtual reality and edit motion path for the animated movie. Improved methods for Artlantis enrich the image effects of transparency, texture bump, reflection and refraction of light, atmospheric effects. Excellent quality at high speed, compactness and simplicity have made Artlantis Render the most popular application for users ArchiCAD, create professional presentations, engaged in design and decoration.

Artlantis Studio - a tool for users who develop the presentation. It allows you to create both static images and animations, QuickTime VR panoramas, etc. In addition to the new mechanism FastRadiosity, Artlantis Studio offers a completely new functions. As an example the animation scene and animation object. Program has kept the simplicity and intuitive clarity of the interface.

Corrections from version 3.0.2:

With some instruments the size of atl-file is doubled while maintaining this happened because of the installations.
Corrections from version 3.0.1
Departure startup Artlantis 3.0.1 on some computers.
Failure to upgrade from version 3.0.0 to version 3.0.1, which have different hard drives.
Scheider "neon".
Artifacts in radiositi.
problem with soft shadows.
Fixes since version 3.0.0
rendering speed doubled.
changing the anchor points of the object with the option Ā«camera targetĀ» was ineffective.
at the end of VR-rendering displays the new save dialog.
Post-processing - Land and Bed: the effect of "bed" was ineffective.
departure at the opening of some atl-files.
in texture were circular artifacts.
UV-texture objects do not appear correctly.
a preview of cards did not work drag and drop.
with files aof was a tiny preview.
flight when the crew of "undo" is used after the command "join geometry".
need to enter into an option "contact chamber" more than once to get them.
the problem of displaying icons in the dock.
shader "water" behave properly.
function "revert" could lead to the departure.
Inspectors species points can disappear.

The members were:

InstallArtlantis-Studio-3.0.3 - installer;
export plugins - plug-ins folder for export ArchiCAD 13, Revit 2010, VectorWorks 2010, SketcUp7.
tutorial - a folder with the official training course and book Artlantis Attitude Dufyta Atkinson.

Instructions for use:

Run the installer InstallArtlantis-Studio-3.0.3;
Treat - use the medicine, not forgetting to turn off the User Account Control (UAC).

Year: 2010
Version: 3.0.3
Developer: Abvent
Platform: Windows 32/64
Compatible with XP/Vista/7: full
Language: Multi

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