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MAXQDA Multilingual

Post  zbaq on Mon May 03, 2010 3:41 pm

MAXQDA Multilingual | 29.43 Mb

MAXQDA is a state-of-the-art instrument for professional text analysis. As one of the pioneers in the field (the first version was released in 1989) it is the number one choice for researchers and research institutions from a wide range of scientific disciplines across the world.

The program’s history and the feedback from our users have proven MAXQDA to be a global leader for computer-assisted qualitative data analysis.

MAXQDA supports all individuals performing qualitative data analysis and helps to systematically evaluate and interpret texts. It is also a powerful tool for developing theories and testing the theoretical conclusions of the analysis. It is used in a wide range of academic and non-academic disciplines, such as in Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Anthropology, Education, Marketing, Economics and Urban Planning.

The clearly structured main screen of MAXQDA is divided into four main windows which reflect essential management work areas in the process of qualitative data analysis:
• the complete data set (“Text groups” window)
• the code- or category system (“Code system” window)
• the single text, always directly accessible (“Text Browser” window)
• the field for performing basic and complex searches, theoretical concept verification (“Retrieved Segments” window).

All essential management functions are directly embedded in each respective window. Further functions and short cuts are accessible via the upper menu bar. The fully integrated add-on module for analysis of vocabulary and content MAXDictio, as well as the visual tool MAXMaps are also available in this menu.

MAXQDA distinguishes itself from other text analysis tools through its high efficiency and stability, its elaborate functionality and its user friendliness. The program’s simplicity does not, however, imply a lack of sophistication: MAXQDA proves that high technical standard and power can be combined with simple and intuitive use. This strength is in large part due to the following characteristics:
• clear and neat program structure,
• extensive and differentiated functions combined with a unique and highly-advanced visualization available for the processes of coding, memo-writing and browsing, and
• seamless integration into the world of MS Office and MS Internet Explorer.

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