IdiomaX Translation Suite v5.0 with serial+update

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IdiomaX Translation Suite v5.0 with serial+update

Post  zbaq on Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:41 am

IdiomaX Translation Suite v5.0 with serial+update

Main Features:

IdiomaX Translation Suite includes the following translation tools:

IdiomaX Translator: With this intelligent program you can translate whole documents, not word by word, but analyzing complete sentences. You can also make spell checking, edit your own dictionaries and select text specialties.

IdiomaX Office Translator: This amazing tool adds a Ў°TranslatorЎ± menu to your Microsoft Office applications (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Access), as well as to WordPerfect and Lotus WordPro. This menu allows you to translate documents, emails, slides, spreadsheets and database fields directly from those applications.

IdiomaX E-Mail Translator: This is a unique tool that allows to translate your eЁCmails directly from Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.

IdiomaX Web Translator: A translation toolbar will be added inside your Internet Explorer browser that allows you to translate the active Web page as well as all links automatically preserving the original format.

IdiomaX Translation Assistant: You can copy words or phrases from any Windows application and paste them into this program to obtain a quick translation.

The application includes translation from the following language pairs:

* English -> Spanish & Spanish -> English
* English -> Italian & Italian -> English
* English -> French & French -> English
* Italian -> Spanish & Spanish -> Italian
* Italian -> French & French -> Italian
* Italian -> German & German -> Italian

The following specialized dictionaries are included for all language pairs:

* Business & Economy
* Computing
* Medicine
* Legal
* Social Security (only for English Spanish)

How does IdiomaX translator work?

Until now you did not participate in the translation of documents. With the automatic translator IdiomaX, you have in your possession an assistantЁClike program that allows you to check the spelling and select the text that you do not wish translated before the translation process begins.

The quality of the translations is not as precise as the one obtained by the human translation service. However, by following the steps prompted by the assistant, the translations will improve with each use.

Our translator is not a word interpreter, but an intelligent program able to recognize the grammar rules related to the structure of sentences. In order to achieve the final translation, verbs are conjugated, agreement is established between nouns and adjectives, and idioms and patterns are reviewed in such a way that the translated sentence is understandable in the target language.

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