SharpRaw Pro 0.984a | 7.42 MB

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SharpRaw Pro 0.984a | 7.42 MB

Post  Rayan on Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:03 am

SharpRaw is the only software product to use Neural Network technology to perform interpolation of raw data files to produce the highest possible resolution with the lowest noise. SharpRaw can process Minolta MRW, Canon CRW, Fuji RAF, Nikon NEF and Olympus ORF raw files. Pro Version now supports the Adobe Digital Negative. Not only for RAW files, SharpRaw can process JPG, TIFF and BMP files for levels, color correction chromatic aberration and distortion correction. SharpRaw outputs corrected images as JPG, TIFF, BMP or PhotoShop (48bit) PSD files. Logical Designs is actively developing new and better features for SharpRaw. Once you purchase SharpRaw, ALL future UPDATES are FREE. Get up to three machines with one license fee. Dragon Fly image is 1:1 crop from Canon 20D using a Hasselblad 120 S-Planar lens and adaptor processed with SharpRaw.

Why Use RAW Format

The RAW format is your "digital negative". It contains all the information that the camera has about a picture. Information is lost in the conversion to JPG in the camera. If you get the settings wrong in the camera and take a picture, it's too late. You're stuck with the picture and can do only a limited amount of correcting in your favorite image editor. So when you need the best from you camera, shoot RAW.

SharpRaw lets you adjust every feature of the image starting from the digital negative. Every characteristic of the picture can be modified including the color balance, contrast, sharpness, distortion, and perspective.

Make you inexpensive camera perform like a Pro Camera. SharpRaw is great at generating consistent results between cameras. Since the interpolation and color correction is performed in SharpRaw, differences between cameras are minimized.

Why waste pixels? SharpRaw and SharpRaw Pro are the only products that use every pixel on the sensor in generating the output image. That means that your Canon 20D will be an 8.27mp camera, not an 8.18mp as advertised (output image is 3522x2348 not 3504x2336).

Get Perfect Color Correction with Neural Networks

The filters on your digital camera's CCD do not exactly match the color response of you eye. To correctly map what the camera "sees" to what you see requires a color correction operation. SharpRaw and SharpRaw Pro perform accurate color correction by training neural nets on images of calibrated color targets to get the most accurate color. Furthermore, if you purchase the SharpRaw Color target you can train you own color correction nets for optimal performance with your camera, and lighting conditions. SharpRaw Pro now uses the XYZ nets so that one net can be used for multiple color spaces. SharpRaw Pro also has built-in White Balance Compensation to fine tune your camera's camera recorded white balance.


Raw file interpolation (4 methods, 6 for Pro Version).
Auto white balancing (3 methods) including camera recorded white balance.
Lens Distortion Correction.
Color Balance Correction.
Trainable Neural Network Color Correction using Macbeth ColorChecker.
Trainable Neural Network Color Correction using SharpRaw Color Target.
Trainable Neural Network Color Correction using IT8 Color Target (Pro Version).
Image Resize with Perspective Control.
Image Rotation with no loss of detail.
Levels and Equalizer Color Correction.
Batch Processing of Images.
Blurring Filter.
Median Filter with color only mode (Pro Version).
Unsharp Mask Filter.
Zipper Filter for alternating pixel artifacts.
Trainable Neural Network Sharpening Filter (Pro Version).
Multiple Image Averaging for higher resolution and lower noise (Pro Version).
Image Combining for increased Depth of Field (Pro Version).
Image Combining for increased Dynamic Range (better shadow detail) (Pro Version).
Image Combining of Dark Frame Subtraction (Pro Version).
Image Flat Field Correction (Pro Version).
Trainable Image Chromatic Aberration Correction (Pro Version).
Trainable Noise Minimization (Pro Version).
Trainable Deconvolution Sharpening (In Development) (Pro Version).
Printer Profiling using the SharpRaw Calibrated Color Target (In Development) (Pro Version)
Panorama Stitching (In Development).

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