Proteome Software Scaffold Qplus v3.0 $9,995

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Proteome Software Scaffold Qplus v3.0 $9,995

Post  zbaq on Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:59 pm

Proteome Software Scaffold Qplus v3.0

Scaffold Q+ software is an add-on to Scaffold 2 that analyzes relative quantitation across multiple iTRAQ and TMT experiments. Scaffold Q+ provides researchers with an experiment-wide view of quantitation plus the ability to display and analyze multiplexed experiments.


View a graphic comparison of protein expression between samples. Scaffold displays a complete, experiment-wide view of the proteins identified in a tandem mass spectrometry experiment. The side-by-side display of all the samples allows you to understand which proteins are differentially expressed. Protein identification results are displayed as probability scores, allowing you to balance the number of proteins and the confidence level of each identification. Automatic annotation of the proteins aids you in interpreting the biological relevance of your data.


Identify proteins from MS/MS data by validating results from multiple search engines. Scaffold uses proven statistical algorithms to calculate the probability that proteins are actually in your biological samples. Detailed results help detect false positives by allowing you to focus on a protein and examine the peptide and spectra evidence supporting the identification.


Organize and share key MS/MS data with colleagues. With its free viewer, Scaffold makes it easy to share experimental results with colleagues. Scaffold also helps you prepare for publication, by capturing the information proteomics journals require in a paper’s methods section.

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