Kilgray memoQ v.6.2.12 full

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Kilgray memoQ v.6.2.12 full

Post  zbaq on Sun Mar 17, 2013 1:57 pm

    Kilgray memoQ v.6.2.12 full

    memoQ is the world's most advanced translation environment for translators and reviewers.

After winning the ITI’s (Institution of Translation and Interpreting) ‘Best Translation Software 2011’ award and being rated #1 by Common Sense Advisory among translation-centric TMS systems and appreciated by thousands of freelance and in-house translators, memoQ is quickly gaining popularity in the field of translation technology.

No matter whether you work with files in the original file formats or with project packages from other translation tools, you can use memoQ to guarantee timely delivery, high productivity and customer satisfaction, either in a stand-alone version or in a server version.

OS: 32bit+64bit (Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista all SP, Windows 7)

You can process the following document types by using memoQ:

Source Documents

Adobe Framemaker™ (.MIF)
Adobe InDesign™ (.INDD - available through the Language Terminal only)
Adobe InDesign™ (.INX)
Adobe InDesign™ Markup Language (.IDML)
AuthorIT (.XML)
FreeMind mind maps (.MM)
Java properties
Microsoft Word™ 2003 (.DOC, .RTF, .BAK, .DOT)
Microsoft Word™ 2007-2010 (.DOCX)
Microsoft Excel™ 2003 (.XLS, .XML)
Microsoft Excel™ 2007-2010 (.XLSX, .XLSM)
Microsoft Excel™ documents (.XLS, .XLT)
Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2003 (.PPT, .PPS, .POT)
Microsoft PowerPoint™ 2007-2010 (.PPTX, .PPSX, .POTX, .SLDX)
Microsoft Visio™ (.VDX)
MS Help™ Workshop (.HHC, .HHK)
OpenDocument text documents (.ODT, .ODF)
Plain text (.TXT, .INF, .INI, .REG)
Plain text from PDF files (.PDF)
Rich Text Format™ (.RTF, two-column .RTF)
Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG)
SDL Studio package (.SDLPPX)
SDL TradosTag (.TTX)
SDL Trados bilingual RTF (.RTF or .DOC, .BAK, pre-segmented)
Typo3 pages (.XML)
Wordfast Professional TXML (.TXML)
ResX (.RESX)
Any text based document can be imported for translation through the "regex text filter"
Complex documents (for example HTML embedded into Excel files) can be imported in a friendly way using cascading filters
Bilingual Documents

memoQ Bilingual Document (.MBD) - import only since memoQ 6.0
SDL TradosTag (.TTX)
SDL Trados bilingual RTF (.RTF or .DOC, pre-segmented)
Two-column .RTF export (.RTF)
Wordfast Professional TXML (.TXML)
Project Files

Handoff packages (.MQOUT)
Handback pages (.MQBACK)
Full memoQ project (.XPR) - memoQ 3.6 or lower
memoQ server project (.SPR) - memoQ 3.6 or lower
SDL Studio package (.SDLPPX)
STAR Transit project (.PXF, .PPF)
Translation Memories

Translation Memory eXchange (.TMX) 1.1-1.4
memoQ translation memories
Term bases

Delimited files (.CSV, .TSV, .TXT)
memoQ term bases
Segmentation rules

Segmentation Rule eXchange (.SRX)

1. Install Memoq.

2. Replace files "C:\Program Files\Kilgray\memoQ60\x86\MemoQ.Collector.dll" with x86\MemoQ.Collector.dll and "C:\Program Files\Kilgray\memoQ60\x64\MemoQ.Collector.dll" with x64\MemoQ.Collector.dll





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