Wowza Media Server 2.1.1 Perpetual Edition For Windows

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Wowza Media Server 2.1.1 Perpetual Edition For Windows

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Wowza Media Server 2.1.1 Perpetual Edition For Windows

Wowza Media Server 2 is not just a high-performance, extensible and a fully interactive Flash media server - it takes the proven Wowza Pro platform beyond Flash by adding H.264 support for: Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch; Microsoft Silverlight; Apple QuickTime; Set-top boxes and more.

Wowza Media Server is the world's first platform that lets you stream from one H.264 encode simultaneously to multiple players and devices. It unifies the multi-protocol, multi-player H.264 streaming into a single workflow, eliminating the need for multiple player-specific encoders and servers. And Wowza Media Server 2 delivers all that at an unbeatable price — 75% less than the single-protocol Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server (FMIS) or Microsoft Windows Server®️ with IIS.

Proclaimed the Best Streaming Innovation , and hailed 'the smart choice' by our customers and the industry, Wowza Media Server 2 makes streaming affordable for organizations of all sizes — from the smallest enterprises to hosting providers and CDNs.

Wowza Media Server 2 is available in several editions to meet your business and technical needs — see our Editions and Pricing page for more details on the edition that is right for you.

Our customers are using Wowza Media Server 2 in many creative ways, in a variety of applications — explore why Wowza Media Server Pro is the smart choice for you too:

Industrial Strength
High-performance - highly multi-threaded 64-bit architecture
Reliable - built from the ground up as an infrastructure-grade server
Unified - standard H.264, encoded once, delivered everywhere
Scalable - multi-server scalability for live or on-demand
Extensible - comprehensive API's, scripting, programming and integration
Manageable - standards based, easy to deploy and integrate
Cross-platform - runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris, and more…
Economical - unlimited multi-protocol connections at unbeatable prices

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